In the wearable tech industry, smartwatch app development is emerging, and better than and this industry currently in development is not going anywhere any time soon. Not even a while back, smart, wearable tech was considered something obsolete and not a thing of the future, but the time-shift knows no bounds.
From around the world, investors now focus on this sector, with some tech giants pouring-in money streams into the industry to reap the best. Namely, Google and Apple have been showing interest in this sector, and Samsung and Huawei being lesser intensity participants in the race.
The news is not old that Google has acquired Fitbit and Android’s direct competitor Apple has launched its newer WatchOS, making the market-entrants beef-up the innovation pace. This blog's sole reason is to clear the confusions tingling in the heads of the upcoming entrepreneurs and aspiring tech investors – how much does smartwatch app development costs?

Not going into a long discussion, below is the brief info of what we will be discussing in today’s blog about the smartwatch app development costs.

1. Market Share of Wearable Tech

According to a recent study, an approximated 830 Million smart, wearable devices will be active by the start of 2021 in the market worldwide. As per experts, these numbers are expected to grow up significantly in the upcoming years, and by the year 2025, this number can even be doubled, and that is a huge surge for the industry.

2. Wearable App Types & the Platforms

There are different types of wearable tech in the market, but the sectors that have availed the most are fitness, health, and entertainment. There are quite a few platforms in today’s world that are quite prevalent in the market. Let’s have a quick look at them.

  1. Garmin Watch

    Garmin watch is one of the most famous, well known and arguably the most affordable option in good quality smart watches. The company has a wide range of watches and gadgets for their customers that can be used for indoor stays and outdoor adventures. These watches offer great value for the money and have their own fan base that enthusiastically follow them.

  2. Android Wear

    Android Wear or Wear OS is another main brand that has jumped into the market along with other participants and have gathered a fair share selling wearable and smart devices. These devices include a number of gadgets and watches that feature functions to help the consumer in day to day operations with a touch of technology.

  3. Samsung Gear

    If we discuss the top two companies that have the biggest market share of wearable and smart devices, Samsung in one of them and their Gear series has shaken the world with its amazing build quality, exciting new features and aesthetically pleasing designs that let you sport the look of your choice, with a touch of class.

  4. Apple Watch

    You might have guessed it right. Apple watches are probably the most famous and sought after wearable devices available in the market to be bought. The minimalist, simplistic and feature rich design of Apple watches have gained popularity among Apple and technology fans around the world.

3. Factors Contributing To the Fluctuation of the Costs

There are a number of factors that contribute to the variable costs of the smartwatch app development. It largely depends on what needs to be done and requires dedicated efforts before final budgeting can be defined, and the development process can begin.

Here are a few factors that can fluctuate the process.

  1. Audience & Scalability
  2. Application Design & Features
  3. Wearable Application Development
  4. Application Release & Testing
  5. Technology Stack & Its Review
  6. Location

4. How to Cut Down the Development Costs?

There are quite a few ways to cut down development costs. Mainly, most of the devices use SLDs or sensor-laden services capable of independently processing the data and displaying results, excluding the need for a server-based computing system. Another way to reduce the cost is to be always prepared to enhance the system and upgrade to the latest technology versions. Lastly, it is better to work comprehensively on developing the idea first and work on the complete plan for your device and its app development.


This part is tricky but we will try to address it briefly. Wearable and smart development costs totally depend upon the type of app and the features but these somehow range between $4,000 up to $10,000 and even more for more personalized and advance apps.

Smartwatch app development costs vary and depend upon a number of factors. From the development model to the stack it will be developed upon, the cost is not much different from mainstream mobile application development. However, the developers and their cost might be slightly higher for these development services.